this dude posted a video of a woman who came up and started twerking and spraying him with a watergun while he was doing his aggressive anti-abortion harassment outside a clinic.  how is this not everywhere on tumblr, she is the greatest person i have ever seen.  the fact he posted it calling her an evil demon/racist murderer is tremendously lacking in self-awareness.  but note he had to disable the votes/comments.

asking him where the pro-lifers were when black young people are gunned down.  he has no real answer! the verbal abuse he sends toward her is genuinely harrowing, though, fair warning.

where is she? what is her name? how do i tell her how amazing and brave i think she is?

this is my favourite

'god gave me them words…to call you a fake ass dick in the booty' GO OFF

Anonymous asked:

I dont know if this helps but I just wanted to say you matter to people and those people dont want you to go. I even have a crush on you, so I really don't want you to go

Thank you for this message