Anonymous asked:

Did the professional say anything that was helpful?

It was through online so they gave me a list of therapists/doctors in my area to talk to and they also said I should talk to my parents about certain things but that probably won’t happen and I’ve been talking to this person for two hours now and they are really nice and trying to be helpful but they can’t do too much since its not in person

Professional says I show signs of panic disorder, anorexia nervosa, MD, and major depression disorder with slight obsessive compulsive disorder and specific phobia as well as small but not sure signs of bpd

Nah I’m perfectly healthy to go to school and function in normal society what are you talking about

I have all A and high Bs besides one C (75.4) on my mid term report and that C is only cause we haven’t done a lot of assignments besides one big test and I got a 70 on that test
So it’s obvious I can easily bring that grade up but my mom decides to yell at me anyways and says I don’t another C on your report card for the whole year
During my hardest year in my hardest class
Yeah that makes complete sense that I can do that well in a class I didn’t even want to fucking take thanks mom